The Reluctant Divorcee

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I’ve never considered writing a blog before; it’s the kind of thing other people do. I’m more of a fact-based person but things are so all over the place at the moment that writing down my thoughts and feelings suddenly feels like the right thing to do. It helps me to organise my thoughts a bit, and who knows, someone else might read this who’s going through the same thing. So here it is: My blog, by Rebecca Green.
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Home….and another one back!

Now I’ve heard it all. James is refusing to have a medical for his life insurance. Really? It’s not as if he’s been asked to walk naked down the high street, it’s just a check up with a doctor. It’s for his children so that I can still provide for them if he is seriously injured or dies. No other reason! I honestly can’t believe it.

Luckily, Marilyn called to talk about the Decree Absolute so I had the chance to speak to her about it. She calmed me down and explained that has heard this before. She prompted me to think about it from James’s point of view: the consent order is approved, we’re about to apply for the official end of the marriage and he is probably feeling that it is out of his control. This is his one way of trying to take some control back. Her advice was to let it be for a few days and broach the subject again when he drops the children back to me on Sunday.

On the positive side, we’ve applied for the Decree Absolute which will be the final step in the divorce.