The Reluctant Divorcee

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I’ve never considered writing a blog before; it’s the kind of thing other people do. I’m more of a fact-based person but things are so all over the place at the moment that writing down my thoughts and feelings suddenly feels like the right thing to do. It helps me to organise my thoughts a bit, and who knows, someone else might read this who’s going through the same thing. So here it is: My blog, by Rebecca Green.
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What’s in a name?

Prompted by an off the cuff question from my friend Ellie when I told her about the consent order, I have been pondering whether to start using my maiden name again. To change it would be a public declaration of my (soon-to-be) single status – a new name for the new me – and part of me likes this idea. But… I’ve been known as Rebecca Green for so long, I use Green at work, and of course, my children have this name. It’s not a simple decision and at the moment I’m not ready to change it.

Whatever I decide, I will continue to be known as Dr. Green at work. Actually, and I’m thinking as I type, that could be a good compromise: I can be known as Dr Green at home too. That way I don’t have to use “Mrs” – unless I choose too!