The Reluctant Divorcee

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I’ve never considered writing a blog before; it’s the kind of thing other people do. I’m more of a fact-based person but things are so all over the place at the moment that writing down my thoughts and feelings suddenly feels like the right thing to do. It helps me to organise my thoughts a bit, and who knows, someone else might read this who’s going through the same thing. So here it is: My blog, by Rebecca Green.
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Time to get this divorce going

Three nights away at Centre Parcs wasn’t quite as bad as I thought it might have been, the kids had a great time – if a little too much fast food – but I think it was really important that they got to spend some time just with their Dad.

It actually gave me time to think more clearly about what I need to sort out over the next month or so. When I’m really busy at work it sometimes feels like we’re making great progress and that things are getting resolved quickly. However, it is in the quieter times that I realise we still have to sort out the financials, whether we’re going to get to stay in my home, and how often James will see the children. All topics that quite frankly I’m not keen to discuss. Maybe I can just hide behind Marilyn?!

We also need to talk about his girlfriend spending time with the children.